Wireless Charging for your Pixel 3 with the Pixel Stand

I remember like it was yesterday all those leaks for the Pixel 3 handset. While fans of the handset have been pleased to keep an eye on this, Google was quite the opposite and didn’t like this turn of events. We enjoyed plenty of leaks, but no, we haven’t discovered that the phone is supposed to come with Wireless charging. Yes, the Pixel 3 is the very first device offered by Google to support wireless charging.

Place it on any Qi-compatible wireless charging device, and you’ll be able to top off their battery without having to plug in. However, keep in mind that Google did more than simply switching to glass backs on the new Pixel 3 which opened up the phones to integrating wireless charging or using the widely adopted Qi standard, but it also launched its very own special stand-up charger called the Pixel Stand.

The $79 Pixel Stand is an accessory ready to provide fast wireless charging at 10W, the only add-on capable of that for the new Pixels as of this writing. So, if your wish is to get the fastest wireless charging speeds out of your Pixel 3 handset, you have no other option but to own the Pixel Stand (or another, Google-licensed 10W wireless charger) to take advantage of those speeds. If you don’t, even if you’re using a third-party charger that can support faster wireless charging, you’re basically stuck at the 5W Qi spec that’s serves as the base Qi charging speed.

The Pixel Stand boasts other features as well, such as shortcuts that appear on the Always On display while your Pixel 3 sits there comfortably and charges or a Sunrise Alarm feature that changes the glow of the Pixel’s screen to help you wake up.

Despite of that, the Pixel Stand is simple (a little too simple, as some might say). It’s nothing more than a round soft touch-coated base with an elongated circle stand portion protruding from the center that presents your Pixel 3 nicely. A small bump at the base holds the phone up, and the coils in the back let you place the handset in portrait or even in landscape mode, if you want.

As for the bottom, it has the very same silicone base as a Google Home Mini, and it plugs in with a USB-C cable.

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