Use your LG G3 as a Credit Card or Wallet

Do you need some help when it comes to using your new LG G3 phone to its full potential? We totally understand you if you don’t like reading its manual or spending your time poking through the settings, so we have decided to help you. In this specific article, we are going to show you how to use the LG G3 as a Credit Card or Wallet.

We are sure that this is one of those features that many owners would use, but did you know that it is there? Well, that’s the problem that we intend to solve.

Be sure that you can install Google Wallet on the LG G3 and use this LG G3 phone to make payments where NFC purchases are possible.

And be sure that such occasions are all around us, when you are at a gas station, your favorite grocery stores, in a restaurants and even more. You cannot use this at every store, that’s for sure, but in many cases it will be possible, so here’s what you have to do:

How to Use Your LG G3 as a Credit Card or Wallet:

  1. Download Google Wallet by using directly this link;
  2. After that, you must open the app and sign in;
  3. Follow the directions to add your debit or credit cards to the account and don’t hesitate to set Google Wallet as your default Tap & Pay Solution;
  4. If it is not already on, you must to turn NFC on by entering to Settings > Share & connect > NFC > On;
  5. You should also go to Tap & pay settings and choose Google Wallet.

That was all! Have you succeeded? When you’re done, be sure to share your thoughts down in the comments area and let us know if it works well or if you need our further help.

And don’t hesitate to read more about this device and apply the best LG G3 Tips and Tricks that we have prepared for you!

Why not taking advantage of all the special features that your handset has? Enjoy!

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  1. Tedy Lupu says:

    Update: google wallet is called now google pay and is not available in Romania ??. So, let’s make sex with google services (ca sa nu zic fuck)

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