How to Solve Bluetooth Connection Between Galaxy S9 and your Car

Connecting your Samsung device to the car comes with a lot of benefits. This helps you answer calls during driving without any risk and it is also so easy to listen to music. Most of the cars now have the ability to connect devices by use of Bluetooth, so the issue of Bluetooth connection failing to work on Samsung Galaxy S9 is terrible and Samsung has included no improvements on that with the last couple of updates.

While things have simply improved on their own for some Galaxy S9 users, the problems are not completely gone for others, at least not if they haven’t done something about them. Remember that hardware-related issues would usually require service or physical repair while those triggered by software glitches can be mostly remedied by users themselves. Let’s hope that this is your case too, so act fast.

The solutions I have mapped out in here are intended to address the Bluetooth Connection issue between Galaxy S9 and your car, so it can serve as free reference to whoever needs help on that matter:

How to Solve Bluetooth Connection Between Galaxy S9 and your Car:

  • This may sound too simple to actually work, but surprisingly enough just turning off the Bluetooth toggle and turning back on can help you get rid of such Bluetooth connectivity issues:
  1. Open settings or quick toggle button;
  2. Then, tap on Bluetooth;
  3. Tap the toggle button on the top right or simply turn on or off in the quick toggle;
  4. You can also choose to pull down the Quick Settings window and tap on the Bluetooth icon repeatedly to do this.
  • Unpair just to pair the car and your handset once again. For that:
  1. Open Settings;
  2. Then, open the Connections – Bluetooth options;
  3. Now, scroll down to find the Bluetooth profile you’re trying to pair with;
  4. Press and hold on the name of the Bluetooth device until you see a pop-window. There you must select Forget;
  5. Put the Bluetooth device back into pairing mode and head back to Connections – Bluetooth to freshly pair with the device again.
  • You can also try to clear the cache. By doing so, you will get rid of the temporal files storage. Temporal storage of files makes it possible to switch between applications efficiently, yet they affect in time things like that, so a fresh start never hurts:
  1. From the home screen of your Galaxy S9, head over to the Settings;
  2. Here, scroll down to Apps;
  3. Press the three-dot menu button on the top and select Show system apps from the drop-down menu;
  4. Scroll down to find Bluetooth from the list of apps and press the Clear Cache button once you open it.
  • The last option is to hard reset your Galaxy S9 if you still keep experimenting the same problem. Like that, when you turn it back on, you’ll have to configure it from scratch and, if you have a backup at hand (you better should have one), just reactivate it and bring back your most important data. Simple, right?

Consider the fact that the Galaxy S9 is packed with Bluetooth 5.0, which is the latest connectivity module, so you should better enjoy it as it was meant to in the first place!

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