How to Disable Fundraising Notifications on Facebook

We all want and try to contribute to something larger than ourselves and I definitely have nothing against charitable causes. Lately I am though getting annoyed by receiving unnecessary Fundraising Notifications on Facebook and I am not talking about a decent number. It’s really frustrating to receive a few per day and I hate the idea of being obligated to donate if I don’t want to do it. I think that it’s rude to be invaded like that and I am sick and tired of that.

Are you in the same position? I know users who claim that they don’t even use Facebook much and this fundraiser thing is driving them mad all the way to considering deleting their profile.

Even if Facebook introduces personal fundraising tools and donate buttons in Facebook (actions which I totally agree with), I am prepared to take action and solve the problem right away. Don’t you feel the same? You know the answer to that!

Please make sure to follow the below procedure as given if you have the same goal as I do. Here’s the detailed operation:

Learn How to Disable Fundraising Notifications on Facebook:

  1. First of all, you have to pull up Facebook’s settings menu;
  2. Once there, click on Notifications;
  3. Now, select “On Facebook”;
  4. You can also reach here by clicking on Settings after clicking the notification bell icon on any Facebook page;
  5. Look for the option for Fundraisers;
  6. Have you found it? If you have, just click on the Edit button next to it;
  7. It is only up to you to elect whether you want to be notified about specific fundraisers you indicated you were interested in, or you can just turn all notifications off;
  8. After choosing, all you have to do is to click on the “x” in the upper-right corner to close out the window.

Got stuck somewhere while following the above steps? Not sure how to safely complete this procedure? Let me know right away and be sure that I will help you!

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