How to Join a Group Play Session on Galaxy S5

We have just talked about the possibility of share content with other devices on your Galaxy S5, so that is how you have seen what its Quick connect is really capable of. Anyway, we want to tell you that it can do one more thing besides this one: it lets you join a Group Play session on your Galaxy S5 and enjoy its advantages.

As you know, Group Play on Galaxy S5 is ideal when it comes to sharing music, pictures, documents and not only and even for playing games with friends in the same group. So, before thinking of the possibility to join Group Play, you have to search for available sessions or to make your own session.

How to Create a Group on Samsung Galaxy S5 Group Play:

  1. Open the Group Play app;
  2. Tap on “Create Group:’
  3. If you mark “Set Group Password”, you are asked to set a password and all other members will have to enter the same password if they want to become a part of that group;
  4. Choose the content you would like to share and that was all!

As for joining a group session, here’s what you have to do:

How to Join a Group Play Session on Galaxy S5:

  1. Go to your Galaxy’s S5 Home screen by tapping on the Back key for a few times or by simply pressing on the Home button once;
  2. From your Home screen, pull down the Notification Panel;
  3. You are now on the Notifications Panel; from here, you have to tap on the Quick Connect button to see the available devices that you can connect to;
  4. Quick Connect will show the list of nearby devices;
  5. Tap on “Join” from the list of available devices;
  6. Follow the instructions on-screen for completing the connection and have fun!

You have just learned how to join a Group Play session using Quick Connect on your Samsung Galaxy S5! Was it hard? Let us know if you have encountered any problems!

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