How to Use Galaxy S8’s Front-Facing Camera

Do you own Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8? In case of using a recent Android phone (and especially a recent Samsung phone), there are no major differences in how the camera app works. But there are a few little things that you should take your time to get to know and speaking of tradition, finding many of the previous features here included too is actually a great thing as long as Galaxy S7 managed to set the bar really high for its camera performance.

However, how are things for the Galaxy S8 Front-Facing Camera? Don’t you want to find out more about it too? Here I am to show you how to use it!

The Galaxy S8 front-facing camera is a complete success as well: I am talking about an 8 megapixels with auto focus and an f/1.7 lens. By using it, you can finally get great low light photos just as you should with any high-end device and even more, the autofocus functionality is included in rear facing camera too. This is indeed a costly decision, but now we are seeing more and more manufacturers opting for autofocusing feature on selfie cameras. In the past, as the selfie camera was used for proximity subjects like selfies or video calling, many companies haven’t considered AF, but I am glad to see that Galaxy S8 embrases the change and attempts to keep your face in focus at any cost.

And I love that you can also use the silly Snapchat-like features here, along with a great beauty mode that makes you forget all about your imperfections and look at your best.

How to Use Galaxy S8’s Front-Facing Camera:

  1. First of all, you have to go to Apps > Camera;
  2. Now, you can swipe up or down in order to take a selfie using the front camera;
  3. For more options and effects, touch Mask or Beauty;
  4. If you also want to experiment some filters, swipe to the left;
  5. Touch Capture once you have set your filters and camera options;
  6. Then, share your selfie and let others see it too.

If we missed anything, let us know in the comments. Otherwise, enjoy what this camera has to offer and remember that Galaxy S8 is more than an amazing front-facing camera! The very same device has gain its popularity as long as you can Enjoy Samsung Galaxy S8 Call Forwarding feature, Block / Unblock Calls on Samsung Galaxy S8, get Animated GIF Camera Mode on your Galaxy S8, try to Remove the Galaxy S8 Dedicated App Drawer and more.

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