Fast Pair – device syncing for accessories and Chromebook support

s you know up to now, Google released a Fast Pair Validator app on the Play Store. This is a part of Google Play services and therefore works with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and newer devices. Its goal is to help Bluetooth manufacturers support Android’s seamless Bluetooth pairing solution. Therefore, Fast pair has been properly implemented on a Bluetooth headset, and it calibrates TX Power.

The design of this app is simple and intuitive, as the app’s functionality is very straightforward. You basically get a white background, some text, and a couple of buttons. Yes, that’s pretty much all you are getting!

At the moment, the app targets especially manufacturers, so it’s not something that you’d normally install. However, this app may help some companies properly adapt their headphones to work with Google Assistant, so you may reconsider it. Fast Pair is actually quite an interesting feature which basically makes pairing a breeze if you’re using Bluetooth headphones, or any other type of Bluetooth accessory which utilizes that feature.

And other greater things are about to happen. I am saying that since Google is now adding device syncing for accessories and Chromebook support. Yes, 2019 seems to be the year of surprises.

Big Fast Pair plans for the future

Google already improved the multi-device experience by pairing Bluetooth accessories to phones and tablets signed into the same Google Account. But you see that it doesn’t stop here.

Fast Pair will also support Chromebooks starting 2019. Given that devices like the Pixel Slate do not feature a headphone jack, Bluetooth is still the most convenient way to listen to audio. And we are waiting for more Fast Pair compatible devices to become available too.

I can only tell you hat Google has been working closely with various manufacturers especially for that. This includes popular brands like Bose and Anker and not only.

Announcements at CES 2019 in January seem likely, so you can only be sure that I will be back with fresh info. Do not forget to visit us every day!

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