How to Hide Sensitive Content on Pixel 3 XL

Android 5.0 Lollipop come with a huge change to the lock screen so you can see notifications without having to unlock your phone each time. This sounds great, right? Think of it this way: when that data is personal, you don’t want it showing up on your Pixel 3 XL lock screen.

Anyone could easily peer over and see the message you’ve received from you loved one or your new work task. Quite embarrassing, or at least personal, don’t you think?

Fortunately, Google offers a way to hide this sort of content. Yes, you can learn how to hide sensitive data in lock screen notifications and prevent any problem from happening. It’s not clear what Android considers “sensitive” by default. I saw text messages and emails and blanked out, so all that was really visible from the lock screen was the name of the app itself.

But if you want to control what’s blanked out app-by-app, you can do it too. It’s like the perfect compromise, you know. You still enjoy the benefits of lock screen notifications, without risking too much information being revealed.

How to Hide Sensitive Content on Pixel 3 XL:

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is jump into the Settings menu;
  2. In the Settings menu, select the Security & location option;
  3. Do you see Lock screen preferences? Give that option a tap;
  4. This will open a simple menu with a few options. You can choose from “Show all notification content,” “Hide sensitive notification content,” as well as “Don’t show notifications at all.” Here you can set your Pixel 3 XL to hide information so it can’t be read by everyone;
  5. You may also switch off lock screen notifications altogether if you want to, but isn’t it a little too much?

That’s pretty much all you need to do this time. Moving forward, you’ll see that most notifications have their contents hidden for your privacy.

If you have any questions about the procedure, make sure to leave them in the comment section below. I am eager to help.

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