What to do when the Note 8 Cannot Upload Videos to Instagram

Samsung is pretty popular for coming up with surprising Galaxy smartphones. Every year their latest flagship device is the most awaited smartphone in the world and yes, this year they have done it again. Their latest flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is another amazing device and people around the globe have been eagerly waiting for it.

However, like any other smartphone out there, Samsung Note 8 is also having various problems. I can give you more examples than you might expect, yet that’s not the point. You must do your best to fix them, accept the ones that cannot be solved and focus on the goods. Therefore, today I want to tell you more about what can you do if your device cannot upload videos to Instagram.

How to: Running low on storage on your Note 8 Device

I have seen that plenty Note 8 users are experiencing the exact same issue – while there are no problems with uploading images, they are unable to upload videos or boomerangs, regardless of whether it is a random video or if it is something that has been recorded using the phone camera.

This looks far from what you need if you are an Instagram lover, but don’t even think of leaving things in such a way.

Take a closer look at this detailed tutorial: Running low on storage on your Note 8 Device

Samsung is the one who took attitude this time and the company clearly said that this is an issue with Instagram and not with the Note 8 phone. Therefore, what you need to do is to report the issue to Instagram (Go to App settings > Report an Issue) and hopefully they’ll update the app to accommodate Note 8 videos in the near future. There is also a simple tip to remember – video needs to be under 1MB, so there are times when a simple compression solves the problem.

So, don’t blame your Note 8 for every little mistake it does as it isn’t always your handset’s fault.

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