How to Solve WhatsApp Junk Images Problem with Magic Cleaner

You know how things work with WhatsApp! You probably have friends and family members who made a habit from forwarding you every single motivation quote and meme they’ve received or found, not to mention all those happy birthday, safe flight or good morning photos that keep on coming.

One nice gesture leads to another, so if you use WhatsApp messenger a lot, then you are probably annoyed by all these images that you don’t need to keep. Those pictures are taking up space on your phone, so what to do about them?

I am not here to tell you a bed time story that can solve your problems, but Magic Cleaner can truly solve this one.

WhatsApp might usually save all the pictures you’ve ever sent and received (of course) and even if the idea is good, the result might not be as great as initially planned. A possible solution to the problem would be to use a File Manager app to locate the media folder of WhatsApp, and delete the entire folder containing those WhatsApps images. However, be aware of the fact that WhatsApp can make no difference between real photographs and useless forwards, so there are big chances of deleting the good pictures for good.

Magic Cleaner does things totally different and that’s why I strongly believe that you will like it. This app goes through and finds only the pictures it thinks are junk, leaving the photos you actually care about on your phone. The best part is that you have the chance to review the automatically-generated results before you delete them to make sure that no error has been made.

It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to analyze all your photos. So instead of wasting your precious time deleting this junk manually, my advice is to put your trust into Prof Kleen. And I can assure you of the fact that Professor Kleen loves cleanliness and promises the best results!

With these being siad, just take the app from here and give it a try.

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