TableTop Racing vers. Premium is a great racing game for Android

If you’ve got a need for speed, then I bet that a new Android racing game is what you have in mind. In such a case, TableTop Racing vers. Premium is a game that you should take in consideration.

Have you ever played Table Top Racing? I usually love to tell you more about the new games, but this one totally deserves your attention even if you haven’t yet discovered it. Let me tell you that it’s all about racing between miniature toy cars on top of tables varying from the dinner table, study table, restaurant table and so on and there are big chances to love it even if there are no sport designs of real life cars like you usually get from so many other more recent games.

The game is comprised of a championship, a drift event, a special event, as well as a quick race. You might think of it as a joke, but you don’t even know what these toy cars are capable of. Just let the game begin and you will immediately see that these cars are amazing with their power-ups.

Even more, you have the chance to unlock various cars and wheels in the garage and to change the way your car looks and performs. This game also supports In-App Purchases through which you can buy coins which can prove helpful in unlocking new cars. However, don’t be afraid of the fact that it will happen just as in other games. You don’t have to buy coins in order to complete the game, but you already get enough coins on winning a race that you are not forced into doing anything that you don’t want.

As for the soundtrack of the game, let me tell that it is probably one of the best. It’s enough to keep your attention and set the mood for an epic cars game. So, what do you say? Have I made you at least a bit curious?

You can take TableTop Racing vers. Premium by accessing this direct link.

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