Thor The Dark world for Android

It was announced by Gameloft and Marvel that a new game under the already known name, Thor – The dark world will be made avialable on Google Play Store.  An exclusive look was offered and we are able to see it and also it is expected to be seen the film, later this year. It is rumored that between the film and the game launching it will be a great timing. After the film is released, the game will come in a blink of eye and will be available on Android. This will probably happen in the winter of this year, 2013. A lot of games were made by Marvel Comics  and Gameloft  as we can mention  Spider-Man, Iron Man 3 and now Thor which it looks like the king of them .

As per our source, Thor the Dark World, is the most loved, nice, pleasant and relaxing from the ones made by the same “guys”. The attention of this game should be on saving different worlds from extinction. You must save at least 9 worlds and you can choose from a list with over 100 missions. Gameloft has already a tradition and with this new game for Android they promise that you will have great fun and a lot of gaming hours with this game in your hands.

Thor - The Dark World

Thor – The Dark World

Down below you can find a teaser where it is described better than anything, the experience with Thor. Users are anxious to see it already. Every game released brings more curiosity and hours in front of it, discovering a new world, a new beginning which you will be able to catch it in every mission that you choose from the 100 listed , as we spoke before. So dear users, after the experience which we have had here  we must say that Thor The Dark World is an excellent choice. For interested, below the game demo:

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