Learn to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Fingerprint Scanner Problems

When Samsung announced its latest Galaxy Note 8, let’s admit the fact that there was one question on everyone’s mind: will the device explode? You know that its predecessor was a disaster at this chapter and we saw many Note 7’s catch fire, therefore this question was an obvious one. Now, we know the answer, but there are other small problems that users are facing all the time.

Just like any current generation smartphone or tablet, this device is not without its issues and this time I am talking about the Note 8 fingerprint scanner problems.

To keep your phone safe from getting into wrong hands Samsung has added a pretty impressive security system with different biometrics. Among them you can also find the fingerprint scanner, but there have been repeated reported that their fingerprint scanners were not working properly.

Whether you’re just getting errors trying to unlock your phone or the fingerprint scanner isn’t working right, be sure of the fact that I have some useful advices to you. There’s no way to fix where it’s located, but we can ensure you get the best experience when using it.

Learn to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Fingerprint Scanner Problems:

  • Let’s begin with the fact that the fingerprint scanner on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is placed on the back of the phone. This is obviously inconvenient for the users to reach while scanning their fingers, therefore I can only suggest you to hold your Note 8 correctly and place your finger in the exact position so the phone may read the biometric;
  • There may be dust or debris on the sensor of the scanner and this could cause such issues too. To eliminate this possibility, don’t hesitate to use a soft cloth to clean it and retry;
  • There are also times when your finger may not be able to touch the sensor properly because of the raised case. In such conditions, my advice is to try removing the case and try using the fingerprint scanner;
  • You should also delete any saved prints and redo them, especially if you installed a case after. There could be a problem in detecting the corners or tips of your finger. So, you must re-install a new one and make ensure that you scan all the corners and tips of your finger. For that, you have to enter into Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Fingerprint Scanner and then, simply follow the given instructions.

I have shared several useful tips that may improve your current situation. Make sure to try them out and let me know if you still need my help.

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