How to Roll-back to Oreo from Pie Beta on your Nokia 6.1 Plus Device

After the wider general roll-out of Android 9 Pie on the Nokia 7 Plus smartphone, the Nokia 6.1 Plus is also getting the new software version, at about two months after Android 9 Pie was announced and rolled out for the Google Pixel series. Anyway, for the time being, it isn’t a general release, but users are invited to register to Nokia Beta Labs and provide the requested details to get the OTA update.

As you know, we have already provided a step by step tutorial on how to update your Nokia 6.1 Plus handset to Android Pie Beta, but you might also need to know how to also roll-back to Oreo if you face severe issues. I don’t say that beta versions aren’t largely usable or that the new features aren’t tempting enough. Who doesn’t want that fancy Recent App Switcher, new Adaptive features, advanced gesture-based navigation system, or a variety of AI-enhanced improvements to the UI? The point is that this version isn’t as stable as a general release version and may toss up minor issues every now and then.

Yes, this still happens even if you grabbed and installed the Android 9 Pie on Nokia 6.1 Plus directly from the official website, so maybe this version isn’t for you just yet and waiting for the official release is the wise thing to do.

How to Roll-back to Oreo from Pie Beta on your Nokia Device:

  1. First of all, visit Nokia Beta Labs;
  2. Remember to sign in with the same Facebook or Google account you used to get the Pie Beta in the first place;
  3. Do not hesitate to scroll down on the page till you reach the “Want to roll-back” section;
  4. Here you have to check “I have read the instructions and ensured my phone has the latest general release software installed” and “Roll back via OTA” to make your wish come true.

Now, remember that rumor has it that Nokia 6.1 Plus users can expect the official Android 9 Pie update by the end of the month, so it’s a matter of days!

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