Manage Pixel 2 Notifications with your Google Pixel Buds

Moving away from the headphone jack hasn’t been an easy thing to for most of us. I basically loved to use just about any pair for earphones for my phone and I wasn’t the only one. I know that and you know it too. After last year, I was surprised to see the Pixel USB-C earbuds that come bundled with the Pixel 3.

They are indeed superior to the average pair of disposable earphones in both design and engineering and offer a bit more than expected.

They are compatible with most recent USB-C devices, they can be used to real-time translation and are so comfortable to use! Even more, you can reply to messages via Google Pixel 3 USB-C Earbuds, but you might see that all these aren’t quite new.

In-ear translation is also possible with Google Pixel Buds, just as managing notifications is so simple on your Pixel 2 device!

Interact with the notifications

By default, Pixel Buds will let you know of any new notifications. For example, if you receive a new Facebook Messenger message, you’ll hear Google Assistant tell you there’s a new message. Even more, it will also say the person or group it’s from. Yes, that’s the very same Google Assistant that gives you updates on your daily itinerary, emails, or calendar events without you having to look at your Android phone, so you know it so well!

What do you intend to do next? You may interact with the notification by activating Google Assistant with a long press. At any time you can double tap on the right earbud to prompt Assistant to read any pending notifications to you, which you can then dictate a reply to.

Isn’t this something that you’d rather do on your Pixel 2 handset? The choice is always yours to take, not mine or anyone else’s. Then, feel free to just disable these notifications on your Pixel Buds. For that, all you have to do is to open Google Assistant and tap on Headphones Settings, then turn off Spoken Notifications. Quite simple, don’t you think?

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