Turn On Double Tap to Wake on Pixel 3 XL Phone

We have heard repeated complains about the fact that double-tapping does not consistently wake the Pixel. It sounds far from pleasant, but I am sure that these are only exceptions. I actually love this feature on my new device and I am talking about none other than the Pixel 3 XL one. Well, I remember the Double-tap to check your phone on the Pixel and Pixel XL as a highly requested feature, so don’t you want to turn it on too?

I have though to admit the fact that when the system power saving feature is in effect, there are times when the Double-tap only works after first slightly moving the device. Yes, this issue is back on the Pixel 3 XL smartphone too. This requires extra movement which could detract from the efficiency of having a gesture in the first place. But you still can quickly look at your screen for notifications and that’s what you are after, right?

The idea is that Double-tap and Lift to check phone only work when the device is locked, not just when the screen is off. By default, the Pixel is set to automatically lock ‘5 seconds’ after sleep and knowing this will basically eliminate the problem.

At the same time, double tapping only works when the always-on display is turned off. For that, you have to enter into Settings > Display > Advanced > Ambient display. Here you can turn off the option which will also lead to saving some extra battery life.

As for actually turning on Double tap, the procedure is here detailed:

Turn On Double Tap to Wake on Pixel 3 XL Phone:

  1. Go to Settings on your Pixel phone;
  2. Then, go to Display > Advanced;
  3. Tap the Ambient display option;
  4. Now, tap on “double-tap to check phone”;
  5. It’s time to give it a try: you can double tap the screen and you’ll be shown the details. Quite easy, don’t you think?

That’s all you have to do this time. Happy Androiding! And never hesitate to let me know how I can help you.

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