Impossibility to Edit Galaxy S7 Facebook Posts or Comments

Android users love to spend most of their time hanging up with their devices but some time they face different problems like the impossibility to edit Facebook Posts or Comments. Is this happening on your Samsung Galaxy S7 too?

In theory, you don’t need any longer to be in front of a computer to edit your Facebook posts and comments. There is Facebook for Android which lets you edit posts and comments right from your Android device and yet, as a Galaxy S7 owner, you see that this is an impossible mission so many times.

Today we are going to discuss how to fix this error from your device in order to get things back to normal.

Impossibility to Edit Galaxy S7 Facebook Posts or Comments:

  • It has been found that the error is showing because the app is not being updated, so my advice is to open the Play Store, go to My Apps and try to see if there’s an update available for Facebook and if there is, then download it. This might be the end of the problem. However, if there’s no update available, move on to the next step;
  • You need to clear the Galaxy S7 storage data and cache for the app. At the same time, remember that clearing the storage data is more drastic than clearing the cache because it purges stuff such as saved login credentials and custom app settings, but you have no other choice:
  1. Find and tap Settings;
  2. Inside settings, touch the More tab and flip open the Application Manager;
  3. Then, swipe to ALL tab;
  4. Find Facebook and touch it;
  5. Tap Storage;
  6. At the end, just touch the Clear data and Clear cache buttons.
  • You don’t to worry about losing anything as long as the Facebook app just syncs with its servers and pulls down data from there;
    You error should be fixed after this. If this also doesn’t help you then head to next method;
  • With a hard reset, your phone will be as if you have just brought it because all the setting and stuff like will have a fresh start and this will most probably fix the error of your device. For that, use the steps here described and if you find it as being too much, then report the problem.

So, these are some of the methods to fix the error that your device is facing. Have they worked for you?

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