Install Lightweight Versions of your Favorite Android Apps

Many of the popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, or Skype have ‘lite’ versions too. These lightweight apps are normally designed for entry-level smartphones or for those of you who want to keep things simple, yet there are other advantages to take in consideration before deciding if you want or not to install lightweight versions of your favorite Android apps.

Switching to a “lite” app means you’ll have to do without some of the visual polish and fancy features of the full-blown version, but is this such a big compromise?

Your main goal is getting an improved battery life, so you know the answer to this question. Even more, using lite versions for apps can improve the performance of your Android phone and give you the chance that you are looking for in your data bills too.

Install Lightweight Versions of your Favorite Android Apps:

  • Facebook Lite is the first option that crosses my mind, so let me guide you:
  1. Get hold of the latest Facebook Lite package from this Google Play link;
  2. If you cannot grab it in your part of the world straight from the Google Play store, toggle the Unknown sources switch to On in order to take the Facebook Lite package from APK Mirror;
  3. You must transfer it over to your phone;
  4. Now, run the file and tap through the security warnings, and you’re up and running. You won’t notice all that much difference in what Facebook Lite can do, but the whole app is quicker and lighter and you achieve your goal in such a manner.
  • Twitter Lite is an official product, yet not an app—it’s the mobile Twitter website, engineered to be as efficient and fast as possible. Anyone can use it by heading to The Twitter interface that you are used to is there, with a slightly cleaner look, and in order to access to your DMs and notifications as usual and to cut down on data usage even more, you can tap your avatar then turn on Data saver.
  • Also pay attention to Skype Lite. It is small, fast, and capable. It lets you send free text messages and make voice and video calls even under limited network conditions. Even if you find it on the Google Play store, it may not be available to download in your part of the world. Therefore, you should better think of enabling apps from “Unknown sources,” then grab the Skype Lite app from APK Mirror.

All these Lite versions are easy on your battery, don’t drain your data connection too much and still let you enjoy the apps that you love. Aren’t they perfect?

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