How to Enjoy the Galaxy S7 Always on Display

You have to admit that Samsung has done wonders the last few years. Well, I am saying that as long as the company has gone from selling plastic smartphones to giving us the best. Its latest Galaxy S7 is the best proof for that and the Always on Display functionality added to its flagship handset is something else that you should know about. In fact, one of the signature features of the Galaxy S7, the Always On Display, just received a very useful update.

The best part is that Samsung can finally take advantage of the AMOLED display technology which uses power to display non-black pixels and the company has pushed out a new update to the Always on Display app giving you exactly what you are looking for.

The idea behind it is that users will be able to check the time and notifications simply by looking at their phone’s display even when it’s turned off. Users can finally predefine the time window in which Always On Display of their top-shelf Galaxy S7 phones will remain on, so you can only imagine that this is quite an useful addition. After all, you have no use of this feature during the night when you are asleep, don’t you think?

The update allows time settings which means it can be set to automatically turn off after going to sleep. Despite of this major advantage, I have though to admit the fact that there might be a small issue at this chapter too. It seems that some users have complained about irregular battery life issues when using Always on Display.

To get the update, simply enter into Samsung’s Galaxy Apps store with your Galaxy S7, navigate to My Apps, find and the update and install it. At the same time, users can enter into the Settings menu, then select Display, Always on Display, scroll to the bottom of the list and select “About” and find the update there as well.

What do you think? Is this update bringing you what you need?

Anyone here enjoying it already? Let me know how it is.

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