Games Crash Suddenly or your Realme C1: How to Solve that

Android gaming is booming these days and I bet that you’ve got a few titles in mind for your Realme C1 device too. Are you though worried about games crashing suddenly or your handset? Then, you’ve got a problem and we are here with some fixes. There is no secret that modern games are getting a lot resource hungry these days and they are graphical powerhouses.

If you want the very best, then it’s clear that this Realme phone will struggle to run games. But if you’re not running the latest multiplayer shooting game, then the hardware should keep up with it. It isn’t the most hardware equipped handset, we all know it, but that’s not an excuse where you don’t dream of all the bells and whistles of the latest games.

There are so many games that don’t require a lot of GPU power to run, so you have a lot of options to choose from. And if you have faced this issue in your Realme C1, you are simply required to follow the below tips. They will assist you in resolving it.

How to fix sudden game crashes on Realme C1:

  • My first advice for you is to go into Realme C1’s Setting and tap the game which is crashing frequently. Just clear its data;
  • Try to use a Task-Killer app that would improve things. You know that there are task running in the background and some of them are highly resource hungry. If you’re facing lag during gameplay and sudden crushes, it might be due to all the apps that are eating up all your resources. To identify the issue, a task killer app for Android will not only help you find the issue, but also kill it with ease;
  • You can also uninstall the game and install it again from the Play Store;
  • If you dream of smooth sailing, always update the games. Sure, not all games are going to run well on your specific device, so there is not much you can do about optimization, but updating the game may at least resolve the crashing issues.

If you have any more suggestions that would help you get the most out of your Android gaming experience. Kindly share them with all of us, so we can all happily game on this Oppo device.

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