How to Fix SD Card Notification on Galaxy S7 Edge

The Galaxy S7 Edge flagship is one of the best high-end smartphones currently available, and you must admit that it has proved to be quite popular, so don’t regret your decision. Unfortunately, you may still occasionally run into trouble. I bet that some of you are wondering how to get rid of the annoying SD Card notification on Galaxy S7 Edge that says “SD Card, for transferring photos and media” and asks people to either explore it or eject it.

If it only happens once or twice, then you should not be worried at all. After all, this message usually pops up after you enter a new MicroSD card or after you reboot your Galaxy S7 Edge phone and in such cases, a pop up message that asks you to explore or eject the card is very normal and you can choose the most suitable action.

But if it keeps happening all the time, it’s obvious that you must find a solution as soon as possible. As you can only imagine, this is why I am here for, so don’t hesitate to try out one solution at a time and give some time to check whether the problem has been solved or not.

How to Fix SD Card Notification on Galaxy S7 Edge:

  • You should try to re-insert the card once more. Release the MicroSD and then placed it back and secure on its tray before you close it down;
  • If this didn’t solved the problem, there are big chances to discover the fact that the card you use is at fault. In such a case, you should give a try to another MicroSD card in order to see whether the problem is still persisted or not;
  • If you still get the pop up message, then there is another possibility to take in consideration: the MicroSD card tray might not be seated properly or perhaps;
  • There might also be some hardware problems, so ask the official technician to look at it and perhaps you need to ask for a handset replacement.

This is nothing else than a notification, so don’t hesitate to swipe it away. The problem is that once you reboot the Galaxy S7 Edge, the notification will reappear, so this is why you must apply one or more of the above tips.

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