How to Enable or Disable Fast Charging on your Galaxy S7

I have no reason to hide it: I am sure that Galaxy S7 is one of my favorite Android smartphones right now and this means accepting that not everything about it is actually perfect. To be more precise, I have actually identified some common problems in the last few weeks and pulled together a list of workarounds to help you address each issue that you might be confronting to.

Actually, there are so many complaints from Samsung Galaxy S7 owners and one of them is directly related to the fast charging feature. The convenience of the technology to charge devices faster than ever before should be an advantage, but do you actually get a more reliable fast charging as being promised?

With the option activated, your phone will continue charging with an increased speed, that’s for sure, but turning it off means you’ll be sent back to standard charging and thus your phone will take much longer to get a full charge.

But fast charging also makes your device get hot way faster than you would ever imagine, which could cause long-term damage, so the choice should finally be yours. In that matter, I want to tell you that Samsung gives owners of the Galaxy S7 to choose whether or not they use fast charging.

So, the fast charging feature is one of the available features on Samsung Galaxy S7 which has its benefits, but at the same time, the users have all rights to be worried about the fat that the very same feature can damage their phone. There is no proof that fast charging can be the source of any this kind of damage, but just to be on the safe side, people can learn how to enable or disable this feature in Samsung Galaxy S7 with the help of these simple steps:

How to Enable or Disable Fast Charging on your Galaxy S7:

  1. Go to the Settings application;
  2. There you can find the Battery option and click on it;
  3. There will be “Fast Charging” option. Do you see it? If yes, then toggle it to turn it off;
  4. You can also easily turn it back on;
  5. After that, go back to home screen and try to charge the Galaxy S7 phone and see if the setting works or not.

However, I want to be clear about the fact that not every user wants to turn off or disable this feature on their Galaxy S7 phone. This is up to you, so turn this off if you’re really worried about the heat, as wellas long-term battery life.

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