Get Note 9 Enhanced Sensitivity for Screen Protectors

The Galaxy Note 9 is a bold device that will offer its users a competent mix of hardware, software, and unique features that undoubtedly set it itself apart from just about any other device that we’ve seen thus far from Samsung or any other company. It’s not a surprise that all these don’t come cheap, just as with a $1,000 phone, you might see why there’s no better time to get a screen protector. The price of this handset isn’t going to get drastically lower, and it has every feature you would need from a beast, but that easily breakable glass makes you think of completely covered and seamless screen protection, so a screen protector is definitely for you too.

Many opted in favor of tempered glass, so it will feel just as smooth as the glass on your Note 9 phone. It is also often slim enough to fit under cases, so you can protect the rest of your phone as well, but even if I agree with your decision, I must also warn you that this can cause a slight degradation in touchscreen sensitivity.

Are you worried about that? It might be too soon to notice anything, but I am eager to tell you from the very start that there is something that you can do about it. Best of all, Samsung is the one having a solution. The ability to enhance the display’s touch sensitivity isn’t a new feature, but it was actually introduced as “Glove mode” by manufacturers in an attempt to make a phone’s display react more accurately when used with gloves on.

With time, display technology has advanced enough to not need a special feature to work well with gloves, but those screen protectors may still affect regular use. That’s how you can prevent this from happening:

Get Note 9 Enhanced Sensitivity for Screen Protectors:

  1. Head into Settings;
  2. Enter into Advanced Features;
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the list to find the Touch sensitivity option. Just toggle this On to enhance the phone’s touch sensitivity and you’ve finished your job here.

Or not, at least not yet! Since you are here already, why don’t you check out all of our Note 9 tips to get the most out of your new phone?

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