How to Easily Root LG Optimus Dynamic

Here we have a new guide that can be used by LG Optimus Dynamic owners from all over the world. Are you interested on finding a way for easily rooting your handset? It’s not that people would want to give up their official warranty for nothing, so be sure that a set of advantages are coming along with this rooting procedure. So, why would you root your LG Optimus Dynamic?

In the first place, rooting your device will offer you support for accessing the phone’s Android sub-system which means that you’ll have the chance to install CWM Recovery, as well as any custom ROM that you might want in order to improve your handset’s performance.

Moreover, you can also remove apps that were preinstalled by LG but you’ll never use and even explore system apps, as well as to modify them to your specific needs, not to mention that this will make the device will be less bogged down and that the battery life will be increased. And the list becomes even longer as long as you can overclock the CPU which means you can also increase the processing power of your CPU to some extent for a smoother Android experience. Isn’t this what we all want?

This guide is very easy to use and you should be able to complete it even if you are a beginner, but not if you skip the Review the risks and Preparatory steps parts from the introduction:

Review the risks:

Let us be clear about the fact that rooting your LG Optimus Dynamic will void its warranty, but this is not such a major issue. In fact, you will be able to restore it back by using this guide and the problem will be solved; We strongly advise you to read all instructions and follow step by step instructions as they are presented. If you have any other questions or need support, feel free to ask us now, before it is too late; is not responsible for any damages caused directly or indirectly by this rooting guide. Any action will be done only under your responsibility and we want you to understand that we will not be held responsible if you end up damaging your LG Optimus Dynamic handset; do it at your own risk or don’t do it at all!

Preparatory steps:

  • Do not forget to make a backup of your data and this could include apps, call logs info, SMS and MMS messages, contacts, videos, images and other data that might be important; and we suggest that you should take in consideration the possibility of making a backup even for your APN Settings, just in case you won’t be able to browse the internet after the root process is finished;
  • You’ll need a computer for completing this rooting procedure, so don’t hesitate to disable the security protection if you want the operation to work;
  • You are also going to use the original USB cable for connecting this LG Optimus Dynamic handset to the computer, so you should prepare it as well;
  • Turn on USB Debugging mode – for that, you must open Settings, then Applications and open Development; there you’ll find the USB Debugging option and as we have always told you, you must tick it;
  • Also enable Stay awake by going to Menu > Settings > Applications > Development > Stay awake;
  • You should have the appropriate drivers installed on your PC. If you don’t have them, you can download and install the latest drivers;
  • Don’t forget that you must have the most recent version of CWM or TWRP recovery installed on your LG Optimus Dynamic phone if you want to apply this rooting guide;
  • Charge the phone’s battery until it says that its power level is over 70%. If not, don’t start the rooting procedure or you might have an unpleasant surprise! Please, be careful about what you are doing !

Only now you are prepared to start the rooting procedure. And don’t worry; you’ll see how easy this guide really is, so good luck!

How to Root your LG Optimus Dynamic:

  1. Download the Root Package from here;
  2. Save it to your PC, preferably on desktop;
  3. Extract the files from the Root Package to your desktop by right-clicking on it and then selecting the “Extract here” option;
  4. Connect your LG Optimus Dynamic device to your PC by using the original USB cable;
  5. Now, it’s time to double-click on OneClick-Root-CWM.bat available on your desktop;
  6. Just follow the on-screen instructions and you will successfully root your LG Optimus Dynamic;
  7. When the-screen instructions are over, you have to reboot the handset.

Your LG Optimus Dynamic is now rooted and all the advantages that we have told you about are in your hands. And if you still have some doubts about successfully applying the rooting procedure, don’t hesitate to confirm the root-access by downloading and installing Root Checker from the Google Play Store (use this link).

Like that you’ll know for sure if something went wrong and if you have to apply this rooting guide once more.


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