Strip Out Unnecessary Data-draining Features with YouTube Go

What are the most common questions asked by Android users? We all dream of the same thing so we ask ourselves: how to make Android faster, how to speed up an Android phone, how to strip out unnecessary data-draining features? Various apps that live inside our smartphones run all the time and need to connect to the internet to keep working, so this is where you should start making some changes.

I don’t deny that everyone loves YouTube and we use it every single day. But if you’re finding the stock YouTube app to be a bit bulky and slow, you aren’t the only one saying it.

I am not here to come with a replacement or something totally new, but I am sure that YouTube Go is the answer. Made for phones with limited space and connectivity, it’s incredibly fast and light and like that, it can improve the performance of your Android phone, reduce your data bills and prolong battery life in the moments when this matters the most.

The app offers some of the better features of the stock app—like the option to save videos for offline viewing. And I love the fact that it even asks what you want to do (save or view) each time you select a video and offers various quality levels. All these make it almost as complete as the actual app. And the lite interface loads faster, much faster than you can imagine, so I am convinced that I made no mistake regarding my choice.

If you want to get the best possible YouTube experience, no matter your device or connection, I can only encourage you to grab the lite version. You can take the app from the Play Store or from the APK Mirror.

If the Google play link doesn’t help you, then you’ll have to manually install it on your device. To get a copy of the app, enable apps from Unknown sources, visit the given APKMirror link and download it directly onto your device. After the download is finished, all you have to do is to tap the notification and install the app.

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