How to Get OnePlus Camera 3.2.91 on your OnePlus 5

If you look at the phones OnePlus launched over the last two years, there’s a clear sight that they are about to get successful this year too. OnePlus 7 Pro is no exception to that. I know that Android fans have been on the hunt for any features they can get from the device and this includes the camera app.

OnePlus has always offered high-spec handset models without the flagship price tag, but now the company is upping both its prices and the quality of its cameras.

So, even if you do not intend buying the handset, you may get the OnePlus Camera 3.2.91 APK on your OnePlus 5 and enjoy a OnePlus 7 Pro camera experience.

What does the latest OnePlus Camera 3.2.91 version do?

The latest version reorganizes the settings, removes Smile Capture and renames Auto Nightscape Scene Detection to Smart Content Detection. The media viewer has changes as well. It now reveals the date of the saved photos and videos at the top left corner. And there is a heart icon on the top right side instead of the previous star button at the bottom to save media content as favourites.

Even more, the OnePlus Camera app version 3.2.91 comes with a deeper Google Lens integration that was initially a part of the Pixel 3 handsets. The integration lets all users access Google Lens even when the device is offline. This means the Camera app is capable of parsing information from the viewfinder and show it directly to the users without requiring an active Internet connection. And it also works in the background, so if you have it enabled you’ll see suggestions pop up on the viewfinder.

Could it get any better? Oh, let’s not forget about the new Customized modes. The Customized modes setting allows you to reorder the modes that appear in the bottom bar of the camera app. The app shows by default Video, Photo, Portrait, and Nightscape and you can also add Pro, Time-lapse, Panorama, and Slow motion to the collection as well.

The OnePlus Gallery app version 3.2.7 is not available for download through Google Play. I guess you knew that already. However, you can check its features and changes by downloading the latest APK file from APK Mirror.

Get the OnePlus Camera 3.2.91 APK right now and let me know what you think of it.

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