Optimize and improve Google Chrome speed on any Android device

We all want Web pages to load faster, no matter the Android device that we are using. It is true that last year Chrome has introduced a specific option that is supposed to optimize content as you load it by simply using Google’s servers , but things didn’t went as initially planned. We have tried it, but there’s no major improvement to talk about, so is there something that we can do for actually optimizing and improving Google Chrome speed on our Android tablet or smartphone? We can assure you that there is and here we have included some advices that you should take in consideration:

But before starting, you have to download the Google Chrome Browser in your Android handset (in case you don’t have it already). Have you got it? Then let’s go:

How to optimize and improve Google Chrome speed on any Android device

How to optimize and improve Google Chrome speed on any Android device

  • Now open the Google Chrome Browser app and go to Settings;
  • You must tap on ‘Developer Tools’ option and verify if the right box is disabled with the ‘Enable Tilt Scrolling’; if not, you must do so;
  • Now it’s time to restart the Chrome Browser;
  • Enable the USB Debugging option in the app which your handset is connected to the PC in order to debug all the pages;
  • You should also select ‘Clear Data’ followed by ‘Clear Cache’ option from the ‘Manage Applications’ section;
  • It is also recommend to go to Google’s Chrome Settings page and here you have to choose to preload the web pages in order to make sure that the pages are loaded in the background for a zippier view; you must be aware of the fact that this action makes Web browsing faster, but also means increasing the data consumption.

It wasn’t that hard, was it? And we can assure you that these tips aren’t at all useless, but it’s all up to you to decide if you want to give them a try or not.

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