Manage Camera ‘Quick Launch’ on LG G4

The LG G4 camera promises big things and taking in consideration that I am only talking about a mobile phone camera, I think that it manages to keep most of its promises. The company offers you the chance to enjoy a brand new 16-megapixel main camera that won’t disappoint you at all. The LG G4 camera technical details are exactly what it has been expected: a 16-megapixel sensor of a large, 1/2.6″ size with a fast, six-element f/1.8 aperture lens on top.

I have used LG’s G4 camera more than once and the results are not questionable. I am referring to some impressively vibrant colours displayed in JPEG images, with great levels of saturation and the ability to capture various elements better than ever, while still preserving colors in both highlights and shadows.

The LG G4 can even shoot and save RAW pictures and I am sure that, as a new owner of this smartphone, you are eager to use it as much as possible. Do you want to make things even easier? When it comes to smartphone photography, let’s be honest and admit that most of us just want to know how to can snap a great photo faster and without much effort.

The company bundled in a really useful shortcut to capture images right away; I am talking about the G4 “Quick Camera” setting which allows the G4 to go from being locked to taking a photo in less than one second. I know that the idea is tempting, especially as long as the special moments of your life have no Pause option while you are preparing the handset’s camera, so how can you do it?

Well, be sure that the procedure is not at all a complicated one; in fact, all it needs is a quick double tap of the volume down button the phone turns on and launch the camera in no more than 0.07 seconds in order to take a photo. The laser auto focus allows you to get focused on any object or person quickly, while the f1.8 aperture lens delivers amazing photos even indoors or even if you have no good lighting conditions.

Like that, you have the guarantee that you will never miss a quick photo opportunity ever again, but make no confusion! There is a long way in front of you in order to truly understand LG’s G4 capabilities, but the best part is that here you can find more useful step by step tutorials such as:

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