How to Hard Reset HTC One

Every once in a while, every Android smartphone needs a hard reset or a factory reset in order to maintain it in shape and function properly, especially if it is a high-end device like the almighty HTC One, how I like to call it. But before we proceed with the hard reset process for the One, we have to first find out about what a hard reset is, why and when to carry out a hard reset as well as the advantages of a hard reset, followed by a step-by-step guide on how to hard reset your HTC One device using the settings menu or the hardware buttons –  do note that learning how to enter recovery mode on HTC One is a must have.

What Is a Hard Reset?

A hard reset or a factory reset like it is also called, is the process of erasing or removing all USER DATA, namely all your apps, call logs, contacts, other files…followed by a restoration process of the device, meaning that your smartphone will get the initial settings from factory. However, a hard reset will not affect the information or the data you have on your SDcard, as the process only handles with the Data or the Cache partition.

The hard reset will also remove all your data in case you are on a rooted device, but will not deal with the System partition. More to it, if you have by any chance a custom ROM on your smartphone after the hard reset is performed, than you will still have the same intact ROM, as again the reset does not affect your System partition.

Why Perform a Hard Reset?

A hard reset implies certain advantages and one of the biggest is that you deliberately want to erase all Data from your Android device. This is quite important when you want to give away your device to a friend and don’t want to keep all your important files or info into the smartphone. In case you just want to erase some simple apps, you can actually start over with each one, or other apps which are Data related. Otherwise, a hard reset would be more appropriate for your device without affecting your ROM. More than that, a hard reset will clean your device, get rid of any viruses or erase all apps that used to block or run in slow motion. It is like changing the oil to your car, as I previously wrote in a different article.

A word of warning: A Hard reset is not recommended for some smartphones and performing a factory reset will do nothing but harming the devices. Thus, don’t forget to check your device my accessing a community of users that own that particular device. More importantly, ALWAYS back-up your data, files, apps or other important stuff before you decide to carry on with the hard resetting process.

Since we have tried to explain what a hard reset is and why we should perform such a process, it is time to move on to our main topic for today, which is the step-by-step guide on how to hard reset a HTC One device. Keep reading and don’t forget to write in case there are things that you may find unclear.

Why Hard Reset a HTC One

As previously mentioned, resetting your HTC One means that all your private info, data, apps and much more will be permanently deleted and a back-up process is required to save all your user data. There are many reasons to perform a hard reset on your HTC One. For instance, you want to give away your Android device as a present or decide to buy a new handset, since the old one is facing hardware issues. This way, the hard reset process will delete all files and will make your device fresh-new, as it was when you first unboxed it.

This tutorial will show you two ways to successfully reset your Android device. The first one would be performing a factory reset with the help of the settings menu, with the second choice using the handset`s buttons.

But before we go there with the explaining of both methods, please read the warning first, as the process might harm your device unless you follow this strict note.


When deciding to hard reset your HTC One smartphone, be warned that the process will permanently erase all your data or other important files, along with all the accounts that you have in the Settings>Accounts & Sync, along with all other info being associated with the accounts, private files synced to your HTC One, data, system settings, or files associated with videos, photos and games. In order to avoid all these, make sure that you first BACKUP your data you want to save before carrying out with the reset process. Now we are ready to hard reset our HTC One.

How to Hard Reset Your HTC One Device

Hard Reset Your HTC One Using the Settings Menu

Step 1. Open Notifications panel and then press the Setting section.
Step 2. Click on Backup / Restore and Reset.
Step 3. Click on Reset phone.
Step 4. In case you want to permanently delete any multimedia files or data from your HTC One, just select Erase all data.
Step 5. Click on OK.

Voila! Now you have successfully hard reset your HTC One.

Hard Reset Your HTC One Using the Hardware Buttons

This process is performed only when you cannot Turn your HTC One On or access any of its settings, so a hard reset using the hardware buttons is required.

Step 1. Press and then hold the Volume Down button.
Step 2. Press and then hold the Power button.
Step 3. Wait until the screen pup-ups with 3 Androids, and then let go of the Power and the Volume buttons.
Step 4. Now, press the Volume Down to get to reset to factory settings, and hit the Power button.

Your HTC One device is now reset. You may give it away as a present or start all over again with fresh apps.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to hard reset (factory reset) your Android HTC One, showing you a simple step-by-step process, along with some useful pieces of advice on what a hard reset is and why should we perform it on our HTC One.

Don’t be a stranger and let us know if your HTC One was successfully hard reset and mention any issues you might have encountered along the process. Cheers and don’t forget to write!

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