Anker PowerWave for Pixel 3 XL – Available for Half the Price of Google’s Pixel Stand

One of the new features of Pixel 3 XL (if you could call it that) is wireless charging. The Pixel Stand offered by Google especially for that can charge at 10W, as fast as the wired charger of the Pixel 2 phones. Even more, the stand also allows your Pixel 3 XL smartphone to work as a Google Home, as a photo frame and even a sunrise alarm and I know that all these are really tempting, just as the fact that your phone will only wirelessly charge at 10W on the Pixel Stand, with all third-party wireless chargers limited to the much slower 5W.

This is precisely what you get if you decide to go for the Anker PowerWave, for example, but it isn’t at all disappointing. The Pixel 3 XL support the same Qi charging stand used in plenty of other wireless chargers, so why not experimenting, especially if you can do it for half the price of Google’s official option?

This normally outputs up to 10 W which isn’t too much of a help in this case, but it might be in the future. Google claimed that it has developed some sort of a “secure handshake” when a Pixel 3 XL phone is placed on a wireless charger, and only chargers that pass this security check will charge at 10 watts. Chargers that do not pass are limited to 5-watt charging and we can only hope that fresh details about the secure handshake will soon become available. I am sure that Anker PowerWave stands a chance!

Besides that, what you get now is more than decent for £26.99. I am talking about a stylish design, a generous 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service, along with nifty options such as using your phone in landscape mode as it comes packed with twin charging coils to enable horizontal or vertical placement or Superior Safety, overcharging protection, foreign object detection, and temperature control all combined to let you charge your Pixel 3 XL with total peace of mind.

With these being said, PowerWave is an ideal wireless charger for home or office. Would you try it out for your handset too?

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