How to Disable Skin Tone Smoothing on Galaxy S10 Plus

You are beautiful in your own way, but what about getting even more beautiful using some tech-tricks? There are plenty of beauty camera apps for Android that promise so, along with some companies and their beautification filters. Samsung is no exception to that. I’ve noticed how exactly tone smoothing works on my Galaxy S10 Plus and it’s almost deal breaking for me.

Why am I saying this? Well, I don’t really want to use it. Is not that I don’t need it, but it really makes me feel less OK with myself. I definitely hate those apps that offer features such as adding volume to your hair or editing eye color options, but this Skin Tone Smoothing is not my option either.

Samsung offers a range of camera settings on this S10 Plus mobile phone and customers are able to choose to switch them off or use. The beauty setting is one such setting that many might love, but also has the option of being switched off completely, depending on personal preference. Is this your choice too? Then, let’s hit the road.

Disable Skin Tone Smoothing on Galaxy S10 Plus

Doing that on your S10 Plus is actually quite easy, once you know where to look. However, I must warn you from the very start about something. Like it or not, you’ll have to do it independently for different camera modes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a standard photo or capturing a Live Focus image, that’s how thing go. You must tap the magic wand icon at the top right of the Camera app to bring up the sliders that control smoothing. You can here modify the strength of the effect and disable it completely.

And remember something. Samsung is a Korean company so there might be a cultural aspect as well. Their beauty standards are very different and this feature is probably in very high demand. But not everyone wants such a feature and at least you have the chance to get rid of it right away.

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