How to Display Refresh Rate on OnePlus 7 Pro

Why do I literally love this device? The 7 Pro’s screen is both brighter and more colorful than the S10 Plus’ panel and it costs far less than the popular handset. And the smartphone comes with a pop-up selfie camera that allows us to forget all about the iPhone-style notch or Samsung-style selfie camera cutout.

I do know that the OnePlus 7 Pro isn’t the first smartphone maker to extend its display by removing the camera from the screen and putting a retractable pop-up front-facing lens on top of the device. We did saw a front-facing pop-up camera and in-display fingerprint sensor in the Vivo Nex S a while ago, but can we really compare these two? Not a chance! That device lacked polish, which the 7 Pro has plenty to offer.

And the 7 Pro is packed with extra features like ultra-fast charging, HDR10+ and a dedicated gaming mode, making this an excellent choice for someone who wants a real smartphone that doesn’t cost a fortune. As for that display, it is a wonder.

The OnePlus 7 Pro features an amazing Fluid AMOLED display that offers the choice between a 90Hz and a 60Hz refresh rate. Toggling the 90Hz refresh rate will result in a smooth viewing experience with slightly increased battery usage, so you might want to take in consideration this option as well. Here’s where you can find it:

Display Refresh Rate on OnePlus 7 Pro:

  1. Open Settings;
  2. Tap on Display;
  3. You can now select Screen Refresh Rate;
  4. Toggle the 60Hz or 90Hz options.

I also know that OnePlus 7 Pro display is hurting some users’ eyes or this is what they claim these days. Well, as you probably know, all modern flagship phones use a different technology rather than the old LCD one. This is called OLED, or AMOLED, and there is no backlight there, but instead every single pixel lights up individually.

The company has though implemented a clever new feature that solved the problem and changes the circuit power of the screen to adjust the brightness. Just try to enable the DC dimming option and you will see that for yourself.

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