Learn to Fix Oppo Realme C1 Wi-Fi Problem

Realme C1 is another budget-oriented smartphone that landed in your pocket, but is it perfect all around? You know the answer to that, but don’t freak out. Most of the issues that you are dealing with are perfectly normal from any Android device, not just from a cheap one.

It doesn’t matter if you own Samsung’s latest flagship or the Oppo Realme C1 one, but the Wi-Fi problem is somehow inevitable.

Do you feel better now? You should! If your phone is getting the low range or Wi-Fi issues, there is no reason to panic. Android Wi-Fi connection troubleshooting has tuned into a key element of wireless network connection management. So, be sure that one tip or another will eventually have to work for you too.

When your Realme is suffering from some Wi-Fi woes, the below tricks are waiting for you:

Learn to Fix Oppo Realme C1 Wi-Fi Problem:

  • Have you tried turning it off and on again? Well, I know that it sounds like I’m joking, but I’m not. Try turning off Wi-Fi, then turn off the Oppo phone. Turn your handset back on and then turn on Wi-Fi again. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to go back into the game;
  • When you try connecting to a network it must get connected almost instantly. But if you are getting something similar to “Obtaining IP Address” or “Authenticating” for too long, then this tip is for you. My advice is to tap on the Network and select Forget Network. Connect to the network again using a password and there you go. Now, you should not face any Wi-Fi problems;
  • Is your software up to date? Sometimes, if you haven’t updated to the latest software version on both your Oppo smartphone and your router, you may have problems connecting. You should better update the Software right away. For that, head over to the Settings on your Realme C1 and tap on About Device. Here, tap on the Update Software option and wait till your phone checks for available updates. Once your Oppo Realme C1 is updated, you should not get any Wi-Fi related issues;
  • It could just be that the network you’re trying to connect to has rather poor coverage. The best way to test this would be to try a network outside your home, just in case your router is the real problem;
  • Power Saving Mode slows your Oppo’s phone performance in order to conserve battery, which may be hindering your Wi-Fi connectivity. Try toggling the Airplane Mode Off/On once. Enter into Settings and turn on the Airplane Mode. After a few minutes, turn it off and now turn the Wi-Fi on. Try connecting your device to a Network;
  • If your Android phone still cannot seem to connect to the network, seems very slow all the time or disconnects frequently, you may have no other chance but to think of that warranty. A second opinion on the matter is always welcomed.

If you’re a proud Oppo Realme user but Wi-fi aches never seem to stop, make sure to check the steps we provided above. Which one has worked for you?

Looking for more troubleshooting tips? That’s precisely what we are working on for your Realme C1 device.

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