Realme C1: Use Face Unlock in Dark Environment

Your Oppo Realme C1 offers a very pleasant design and a 6.2-inch IPS notch display, a great battery and it runs on Android 8.1 Oreo operating System, so you’ve nailed it! It is surely a value for money device. Despite of that, it’s better to know from the start that it is far from perfect. The Realme C1 misses the fingerprint sensor and this was indeed a disappointment.

Getting this beautiful display at a price that is INR 2,000 lower than the Realme 2 has its own consequences. Yes, it’s clear that the lack of a fingerprint sensor is one of them. However, there is AI Face Unlock and it should make you forget about this sensor.

Or not! Well, the Face Unlock actually works only when your face is visible to the camera, which means it will not work in dark environment. This doesn’t sounds too good, but there is a little hack that changes things in your favor once again.

More about this little hack

I know that you are eager to find it, so let me tell you what you must do. First of all, you need to swipe down from the lock screen to get to the notification panel, and Tab on the notification icon to turn on the Android notification light. Then, you must cover the notification light with your palm, and your Realme C1 phone will be unlocked.

I assume this happens as long as some of the light gets reflected from your palm and lighten your face so that the Face Unlock feature works.

I understand this is not an ideal solution, but given its entry-level price point, Realme C1 is so much better than anticipated. And you never know when you might have to use Face Unlock work in a dark environment, so just give it a try!

Are you still undecided about buying it or not? Are you also thinking of Xiaomi’s Redmi 6A model? Going by its features, specs and price, I am sure that Oppo’s handset is the winner!

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