How to Fix Disappearing Mobile Data Toggle Issue on Galaxy S6 Edge

A strange problem is happening to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge devices. Owners all around the world are reporting missing notification toggles from the notification drawer. When you usually swipe down from the status bar to reveal the notification menu, there is a list with quick toggles that you can use for enabling or disabling some settings from the phone.

I am referring to the usual WiFi, Bluetooth, location, power saving, screen rotation, flashlight, Airplane mode and mobile data ones, but the strange thing is that some of these toggles are missing.

First, a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 user reported the issue, so it was believed that this was a problem with the new Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update. Then, more Galaxy S6 owners reported the same issue, even if not updating to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, so it become clear that it is not carrier specific and that it has nothing to do with this update.

And lately, the disappearing Mobile Data Toggle Issue is affecting Galaxy S6 Edge users as well, so the story is much more complicated.

This happens to devices all around the world, unlocked or locked to carriers, completely stock and never rooted it, so who takes the blame? Speaking to an upset customer, a Samsung rep was clear about the fact that the issue has already been forwarded to the developer team, which is working hard on a fix to bring back all the missing toggles.

In such conditions, for the moment, there is no official solution for these toggles, but a few users have shared possible fixes, so do not hesiate to give them a try.

How to Fix Disappearing Mobile Data Toggle Issue on Galaxy S6 Edge:

  1. Do you know that senior member NimeniAltu has created a simple fix which is supposed to solve this issue? I am talking about a simple APK file which has been modified to make the data toggle appear again in the notification drawer or Quick Settings menu. All you have to do is to take fixdatatoggle.apk from this link and install it on your S6 Edge flagship. After that, just reboot it and you should find the toggle located inside Quick Settings;
  2. You can also choose to turn mobile data on or off when you need to. The switch can be found deep down in the Settings app under Data Usage, so do not hesitate to tap it to turn data on or off and keep your handset as safe as possible;
  3. The list of possible toggles includes more than 17 toggles available but you can enable only ten of them. Go to the notification drawer in order to tap Edit and verify is the missing toggle isn’t somehow found in the disabled list. If it is there, just tap and hold the icon to move it back at its place.

Have you managed to get rid of the problem? Let me know in the comments area from below.

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