Pay More Attention to your Liquid Intake with Plant Nanny – Water Reminder

Water is an important part of a human body, but despite of that, many are still underestimating the importance of drinking enough water to properly function. There are far less many of us that hydrate themselves properly, but you are not alone into this. There are also various apps and games designed to help you with this critical problem.

After all, not everyone is aware of the primary symptoms of dehydration such as thirst, dry skin, or fatigue, along with the other symptoms that may suggest you’re suffering from chronic dehydration such as: severe digestive disturbances, confusion, anxiety, or even high cholesterol.

The Best App of 2013 in App Store is now available to Google Play store and I think that you are going to love it! I am talking about Plant Nanny – Water Reminder which is an amazing app to help you drink water regularly or at least pay more attention to your liquid intake.

The cute plant from this app keeps you company every day by living in your Android phone, so you are practically responsible to keep it safe and help it grow. For that, you have to give it water at certain periods of time. I don’t know about you, but I simply love to achieve things, and growing plants by drinking water helps me to accomplish goals in a healthy way. And Plant Nanny – Water Reminder is definitely more interesting than so many other water tracking apps that don’t motivate you in such a manner.

In order to make you really pay attention to your liquid intake, the app comes with various lovely plants and all kinds of flowerpots, you get various common cups for drinking and to make things even more fun, it’s changing scene from day to night! I also like how the story is so realistic, as some plants need more water, while others need less and the backgrounds affect them (desert makes it harder for your plant unless it is a cactus, for example).

This app really helps because you set your own goals and of course, you can also share your water intake with friends on social media. And if you “suddenly” find your plant with no life, then check the Drinking history and see where your mistake really was! The app is accurate, so be sure that it is your fault!

There’s hardly more to expect from this Plant Nanny – Water Reminder app, so go get it from Google Play (enter here) if you are interested. It’s both free and useful!

As for plants and trees and so on, there is another interesting app that you can try in case of overusing your smartphone: you can try to stay away from your device with Forest.

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