How to Solve Speaker Problems when Galaxy S8 Gets Wet

It seems that unlike the Galaxy Note 7, the S8 has proven pretty reliable, but the truth is that the Galaxy S8 smartphone isn’t flawless. You might like the idea of Iris scanning and face recognition technology available to unlock your phone, the fact that you can enjoy the world’s first 10nm processor and that your new personal assistant, Bixby provides a higher level of intelligence to your phone and understands multiple forms of communication, yet things are not perfect.

With all this new technology, Galaxy S8 users want and expect to be able to use their latest smartphone with no errors, but here they are looking for a way to solve Speaker problems when the handset gets wet. I am sure that you are no stranger to this problem and I find no pleasure into admitting that a water and dust resistance handset still has such issues.

The smartphone has the classification that is called IP68 and this means that it could be put in the water with a depth of at least 1.5m for at least 30 minutes, at least in theory. Many of those who have tried that end up regretting their decision as they now experience sound distortion and (at times) a cracking sound when audio playback resumes.

If this is your case too, it’s too late to turn back time. Just like all the problems that the smartphone comes with, you do not need to worry so much about your current problem, but you should better take action.

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First of all, get a towel and dry off your wet Galaxy S8. You can also try shaking it out, blowing (gently) in the grill or tap it against your hand to get leftover water out. After doing that, don’t use your speakers for at least two or three hours, and wait for the moisture that might be in your device to dry up.

It seems that letting your Galaxy S8 dry out is the key to make the speakers go back to normal and function properly again.

Finally, if this doesn’t happen for you, please contact Samsung or the carrier where you purchased your phone for further assistance.

And if you have any other ideas, welcome to share with us by using the contact form or the comments area from below.

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