Promote your Wallpaper or Homescreen with Screener

Capturing an Android screenshot is easy, I am sure that you know that. After you capture your screen, you can view, edit, and share what’s on your Android device with everyone, but things go beyond that. Android device manufacturers know that many of you want more than some basic operations, so they tend to include extra and unique ways of taking screenshots on your device.

For instance, you can take a screenshot on the Galaxy Note series using the S Pen, just as in most high-end Samsung phones, you can easily take a screenshot by swiping the screen with the side of your palm. On LG devices, you can also take a screenshot with Quick Memo, which can instantly capture and let you create doodles on your screenshots and the examples may continue. However, editing isn’t there included, at least not as you might want it to be, but you can choose an app such as Screener to do the tricks for you.

Screener is much more than a simple screenshot app, but it also lets you stick screenshots into device frames and add backgrounds and special effects. This is how you can promote your wallpaper or simply your homescreen in a simple manner, without the need of any PC software or complicated tools. Screener – Better Screenshots gives you everything that you need!

Besides that, I want you to know that the app is incredibly simple to use. You start by taking screenshots, then you have to open the screener app and pick a device frame. It is up to you to add reflection, shadow, and backgrounds. You can either add a custom background color or blur it.

Once done, it is up to you to save the screenshot or share it to the world. The app contains 100 handcrafted device frames like Google Pixel, Galaxy S9 or S8 and not only.

Be though careful about something: the app’s device frames / mockups are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, so you can use images created with Screener, for commercial and non-commercial purposes, but you are not allowed to bring any modification of the device frames themselves. This does not apply to the background and your screenshot, of course.

If you like the sound of it, don’t hesitate to grab and install Screener – Better Screenshots as soon as you can.

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