Variable aperture on your Galaxy S9 Plus Cam

Smartphone manufacturers are generally doing their very best to find new ways to improve the cameras in their handsets and you can only imagine that the Korean manufacturer Samsung is no exception to that. This time, let me remind you from the very start that Samsung calls the camera on the new Galaxy S9 Plus “the revolutionary camera that adapts like a human eye” because of a new feature called dual aperture, a form of variable aperture.

Samsung is therefore offering a new shooting option for budding photographers w inside its Galaxy S9 Plus flagship, but what exactly is a variable aperture, and why is it so special? If these are your questions too, be sure of the fact that here I am to help you. Variable aperture simply means that the smartphone can change the aperture of the lens. Aperture is a term that refers to how large the opening in the lens is — a wide-open aperture will let in more light, that’s for sure and who doesn’t want that?

Because of how small the lens is, smartphones generally use a fixed aperture and in normal conditions, you can’t adjust the aperture like you could in a DSLR or mirrorless camera. What the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus does is allowing its users to change the aperture. The feature isn’t quite the same as the aperture adjustments on a film lens or a DSLR as the smartphone only offers two settings: an f/1.5 and an f/2.4, the f/1.5 being the brightest or widest of the two, yet this is a major step in this direction, don’t you think?

Taking photos in low-light conditions is a nightmare with most camera phones. The S9 Plus camera will make those photos both sharper and clearer thanks to a new dual aperture. Even Samsung says this feature lets in 28-percent more light than the S8 shooter and this time, I must admit that the idea doesn’t only sound great only on paper, but the smartphone actually takes better pictures.

Don’t you agree?

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