How to Change OnePlus 7 Pro Icon Pack

Do you know what I think of your OnePlus 7 Pro? That’s a handset that not only aims to pack a punch like its predecessors, but it intends to challenge more premium options from the likes of Samsung, Google and Huawei. And don’t forget that Android is an incredible customizable operating system.

Many use it over other options, simply for the fact that they can make their device look exactly how they want it to be. I know that while many users love to use icon packs to get what isn’t possible in stock Android. Google is indeed offering a couple of different icon shapes in Android O, but some users still have to download a third-party launcher to get a third-party icon pack they really like.

The truth is that there are few smartphone companies who actually support the standard custom icon packs that are available in the Play Store. We do have Samsung who supports their own icon packs for their Galaxy Theme store. And there’s also LG doing something similar as they use it to support their LG Home app store. But it is very rare to have a smartphone company support the same standard for icon packs that we see developers and designers use for custom launchers. And it’s a matter of preferences after all, don’t you think?

We all have our very own personal preferences when it comes to app icons. Some of us prefer square icons, while others prefer round ones. It’s easy enough to change the icon pack on your OnePlus 7 Pro phone by choosing one of the stock options or your favorite third-party design from the Play Store.

Waste no more time and go straight to the below procedure to make that happen:

How to Change OnePlus 7 Pro Icon Pack:

  1. Long-press an empty area on the Home Screen;
  2. Select Home Settings;
  3. Up next, just click on Icon Pack;
  4. Choose between the default OnePlus icon theme, Square, Circle, or a Third-party design.

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