How to Unlock the Galaxy S10 Plus with your Face

Samsung is doing great when it comes to selling its Galaxy S10. Initial reports suggest the company is seeing strong demand for its new flagship series. After all, it has ramped up its promotional blitz across the globe to get the word out about its latest Galaxy S10 awesome line. And maybe it doesn’t even have to do any of these.

Samsung’s latest top tier phone is already considered one of the world’s most advanced smartphones to date. Samsung showcased some awesome features up on stage during the Galaxy S10 announcement. We have all heard about the huge screens, triple rear cameras, or the new Android Pie One UI software and we love them all.

The ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner is one of the Samsung Galaxy S10 10 Plus’ headline features too. It takes the traditional fingerprint scanner and buries it under the display. So, if you fancy the idea of facial unlocking, then you know that this is an option too.

You may even have both fingerprint and face unlock enabled at the same time, so you don’t have to make any compromise. To set face unlock up head into Settings >Biometrics and security then tap Face recognition. You must now twist your head around a few times while the front cameras scan your face.

Keep though a few things in mind

Well, despite being innovative and fun, the Galaxy S10’s facial recognition feature remains just as weak as the one supported in its previous versions or on the devices of its competitors. Facial recognition on you device is insecure and can be bypassed using some simple tricks such as showing an image or a video in front of a device’s camera.

These are some risks that you have to take from the very start! Even Samsung has admitted that this feature is for convenience only. Use it when you want to unlock your device faster, but don’t turn it into a habit.

And since this method purely uses the front camera, rather than a bevy of sensors like the iPhone XS, you can’t use face unlock to unlock banking apps and make Google Pay payments.

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