How to Solve LG G5 Backlight Bleeding Problem

The LG G5 was a significant departure from what the LG had to offer, so this is the choice of so many Android lovers out there. But my experience with technology has made me realize that every owner may come across a few issues every now and then, but be sure of the fact that you have the chance to fix most of the things that you are worried about with some simple solutions. The LG G5 is still a great phone, and in most cases, there is a trick for every problem.

For example, a few users have reported that they have experienced some severe LG G5 notification LED issues. Here I will discuss the problem and the best solutions for it because you can be sure that there is a workaround to tackle the issue as well.

Some owners are reporting an unacceptable level of backlight bleed, with bright patches appearing at the edges or in the corners of the display while other complain about the fact that the picture distorts or blooms when people press on the display. And besides all these, users face some sort of a “blooming” issue where basically the pressure one applies on the touchscreen leads to its distortion.

LG has to admit that these complaints suggest some build quality or QA issues at least with the first wave of G5 handsets to hit the market. If you want to test the backlight and make sure that everything is fine, you can use the free Backlight Bleed Test app.

Yes, it seems that a basic workaround for the problem is to download the Backlight Bleed Test app for Android from the Google Play store – this link will help you. So, you can basically use the app to inspect if the issue exists with LCD screen of the LG G5. Unfortunately, don’t you take that as a permanent solution or anything close to that. If you are among the unlucky ones suffering from the issue, then the best thing to do is to request a replacement. To be more precise, you have to contact LG, your carrier, or your retailer as soon as possible and get a replacement handset.

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