Bring Back Notification LED on the Pixel 3 Device

Your Pixel 3 doesn’t have a notification LED, but a new app called Pixel Pulse can bring a similar feature to the handset that you own in case of missing it. This app created by XDA Senior Member grokus can give you a pulsing Ambient Display that activates when you have notifications available, essentially bringing back the Notification LED on the Pixel 3 device that seems so awkward without it.

This tool takes the Ambient Display present on your handset to good effect. What Pixel Pulse does is it pulses the Ambient Display on an interval which has been preset whenever a notification comes same as the notification LED which blinks on notification arrival.

You can obviously choose the interval for the pulsing and which apps you want to see notifications from. And if your wallet is not empty yet, you could even choose to unlock the paid features. This will open up even more optios to enjoy, which is perfect if you want to customize things like colors and notification icons.

Are you curios to test it out too on your Pixel 3? Waste no more time and apply the below steps:

How to Bring Back Notification LED on the Pixel 3 Device:

  1. First of all, grab the Pixel Pulse app and install it;
  2. Now, open it on your smartphone and you will see that it requires a permission straight away;
  3. You need to click on the notification you are getting and grant notification access for this app to work;
  4. You may now configure the various settings of the application such as Interval between pulses and “Pulse filter”. Note that time interval can be set from anywhere between 5 seconds to 120 seconds. I suggest though setting the lowest possible time so that the pulse can be seen at a glance. By default, the interval is set to 60 seconds between pulses;
  5. You should also set the Pulse Filter which means you can configure which app notifications will be shown by Pixel Pulse. The choice is always yours.

That’s pretty much it. The app will repeatedly wake the ambient display and cycle through your notifications.

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