Turn Off Skin Tone Smoothing on Galaxy S10

I was amused to read on forum about Galaxy S10 owners wondering if they are just going crazy, or Samsung really applies some sort of skin smoothing post-processing to faces when shooting in Auto mode.

The effect seems to disappear when shooting in Pro mode, but it’s so inconvenient to switch over to Pro if you simply want to grab a quick photo of someone on the go.

Skin tone smoothing — or beautification filters — are one of those things you either love or hate. Many dream of having the perfect face, but not just in photos.

This is more like a wish for reality and I have great news if you happen not to be a big fan of the overly bright and smoothed-out portraits Samsung provides.

In photos just like in real life

Samsung’s approach with OneUI on the Galaxy S10 turns these features on by default, but doesn’t make that especially clear within the camera interface. I know what my wish is. Thanks Samsung for the option, but no thanks! I intend to keep my freckles or small imperfections since this is how I look in real life and this is how all my friends know me too.

This is why turning off skin tone smoothing off is something that I wanted and I bet that you feel the same. So, is it a complicated procedure? Not at all, as you’ll see by yourself.

Whether you are taking a standard photo or capturing a Live Focus image, you can tap the magic wand icon at the top right of the Camera app to bring up the sliders that control smoothing to modify the strength of the effect. So, there’s a small issue this time. Like it or not, you’ll have to do it independently for different camera modes.

There is no unique setting to turn off or on Beautification filters. Those coming from a Galaxy S7 might find it a bit disappointed since there it was so easy to adjust all these settings, but you can do it too and this matters the most.

Best of luck into discovering more about this awesome device you own!

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