How to Get Camera Quick Launch on your New Note 9

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 a giant phone with a ton of features, but one of its most prominent ones is none other than its camera setup. Of course that the camera is one of its main selling points and even though we already knew a lot about the phone prior to its official announcement, there’s still plenty to talk about now, that the hansdet has oficially arried and it even sits on your pocket.

Speaking of that, quick access to the camera is one of the key features on any Android device from the current market, so I can only bet that you are wondering how to do it on the Galaxy Note 9. Need a little help with that? Well, Samsung provides a simple shortcut to users.

They can quickly launch the camera even if the phone is locked, of course with a double press of the Power button. This is nothing new since for years Samsung devices have used a double-press of the Power button to open the camera app no matter what the device’s current status is.

And I am sure that you will love to find out that Quick Launch enables you to launch the camera from any screen, including when the screen is off. Waste no more time and read and apply the steps from the procedure here described:

How to Get Camera Quick Launch on your New Note 9:

  1. Start enabling this feature on the Camera app by selecting the Settings gear;
  2. Then, you need to scrol down to find Quick launch;
  3. Enable it right away;
  4. Do not hesitate to test the feature by locking your Galaxy Note 9 phone and quickly pressing the Power button twice. And don’t forget to say cheese!

You may always choose to reach out for help in the comments area or by using the contact form if you get stuck at any point. And if you liked this detailed tutorial, you might want to check on other related Note 9 guides from AndroidFlagship. You’ll discover plenty of tricks and surprises waiting for you!

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