Use Super Slow Motion on your Galaxy S9

We all got our first look at the Galaxy S9 at Samsung’s Unpacked 2018 event on Feb. 25 in Barcelona and we all knew that this handset is one of a kind. This time I want to tell you more about the radically redesigned camera and the fact that the Galaxy S9 model can capture what Samsung is calling “super slow-mo” videos.

Is this feature great enough in order to make up for the lack of a dual camera setup on the regular S9? Well, this is something that you are going to find out for yourself. The feature was initially revealed when an image of the S9’s retail box was leaked, and now we have the chance to actually see how the super slow-mo feature really works.

However, I must warn you that recording a perfect super slow-motion video as you have probably seen in Samsung’s commercial is going to take some patience. With enough practice and a little bit of help, you’ll quickly learn the quirks of Samsung‘s Super Slo-Mo feature, so let’s proceed.

Well, with its stunning ability to record footage at 960 frames-per-second, the Super Slow-motion feature of the Samsung Galaxy S9 can record amazing videos in slow motion. There is nothing new in that, but the new part is that the device automatically produces no less than three different versions from the same one — Loop, Inverse, as well as Swing, with no additional efforts.

Besides that, there is a regular method where you tap the shutter button to start recording the moment you want to capture in slow motion, but you can also be required to tap the record button, so the camera will only record slow-motion videos when something moves in the frame.

Even better, music effects are added automatically and you have the chance to change them. In order to do that, open the clip through the Gallery app, tap on edit and hit the Music icon. And no less important, in the end, when you want to access and save the other videos, all you must do is to tap on the three-dot menu on the upper right corner and tap on Details. Now all you need to do is rename it and hit Save.

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