YouTube: Learn to Block Harmful Videos on Android

Do you let your little one use your phone? Then, I bet that you know his habits. Could this involve playing a game or two and watching funny cartoons on YouTube?

Then, you must be looking for a way to block harmful videos that might affect your child. Internet gives both kids and us an easy access to various content in the network. But this great opportunity is also fraught with the fear that an average child may get an access to “adult content” and not only.

YouTube has a Restricted Mode, previously known as Safety Mode and it could help you with that indeed. When it is turned on, this blocks certain content not deemed appropriate. Restricted Mode makes sure that your kid avoids content that has been flagged by other users, but this isn’t always helpful.

The YouTube Kids app

Another great way to sensor a vast amount of inappropriate videos on YouTube for your kids is via the YouTube Kids app.

The app was specifically designed to make YouTube safer for kids and for parents who don’t have to wonder all the time what could happen. Children can find here their favorite shows and music, as well as interactive tutorials. They will definitely love it!

Be careful about something though! The YouTube Kids app uses a mix of filters, user feedback and human reviewers to keep the videos in YouTube Kids family friendly. But no system is perfect. Even with all the filtering, in some rare instances, an inappropriate video might make it into the app. If this happens, alert YouTube immediately by reporting that video. It will be sent for fast review, so you’ve played your part!

Even more, there is the option to block specific channels. You can even disable the option to search for videos if you’re so frightened that your kid is too curious. And no less important, set up a timer to put limits on how long your kids can watch.

It’s free like YouTube, but only available in a few countries. I hope that yours is in the list!

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