Get Galaxy S8’s Bixby Assistant on your Samsung Phone

Samsung has announced Bixby, the Galaxy S8’s “intelligent interface” that everyone talks about these days. Well, this isn’t exactly like Siri, Google Voice Search, Amazon Alexa or Microsoft Cortana, you might be first confused, especially taking in consideration the fact that Google Assistant also lives on both S8 phones. It is actually very interesting and you will see why I am saying that right away and even more important, you can get Galaxy S8’s Bixby Assistant on your Samsung phone.

This is one of the phone’s biggest new features, and Samsung hopes it will change the user’s current behavior. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a dedicated Bixby button, which users can push in order to launch it. After all, Bixby is designed to make Samsung’s devices more “natural and intuitive” to use, as the company claims.

To be more precise, it will initially only work with a handful of pre-installed apps, but it will support almost every task the app is capable of performing, entirely through spoken commands. Bixby Voice is like Siri and Google’s voice-command assistants, but instead of simply looking up a sports score or how long it will take you to get to that restaurant that you have in mind, you’ll only be able to control phone settings such as adjusting screen brightness and toggling Wi-Fi, or opening the camera to take the best selfie ever.

You can launch Bixby with a wake word or press and hold the dedicated button to use it like a walkie-talkie. And in order to get it on any of your Samsung phones, you just have to follow these simple steps:

Get Galaxy S8’s Bixby Assistant on your Samsung Phone:

  1. For the procedure to work, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 app launcher is a must. Therefore, you have to install Galaxy S8 launcher from here;
  2. You must also download Bixby from here;
  3. Copy to your device;
  4. Open My Files app on your phone;
  5. Feel free to install the APK;
  6. Return to your home screen, on the Galaxy S8 launcher;
  7. Long press on an empty space to bring up options;
  8. Go to Settings and activate Bixby;
  9. Reboot your handset.

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