How to Enable Samsung Find My Mobile Feature on Galaxy S6

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S6 is one of the most powerful phones on the market, but to unleash all of its functionality, you’ll have to learn more about what it can offer and how to change some of its default settings and features. Today, we have a special guide for you on how to use Samsung Find My Mobile feature on the Galaxy S6.

Don’t you know what this feature does? If you ever lose your device (don’t say that this will never happen to you), then Find My Mobile lets you minimise the possibility of your personal information becoming public by using the interesting Lock my device and Wipe my device functions. And that’s not all that it does!

There is also a special Ring my device feature which sounds the default ringtone of your device at its maximum volume for one minute, regardless of any sound or vibration settings. By using this feature, it’s obviously that you can get people’s attention around your lost device, increasing the chances of your handset being found. And even better, the Locate my device function helps you find the current location of your device.

Samsung Find My Mobile has all these functions and many others, so don’t hesitate to use it. For that, you need a Samsung account as long as the webpage asks you to log in with your Samsung account, internet access, as well as to add a Samsung account on the Galaxy S6, by default. So, here we are to help you:

How to Enable Samsung Find My Mobile on your Galaxy S6:

  1. First of all, you have to go to Settings;
  2. Then, head into Lock screen and security;
  3. Tap Find My Mobile and you will be asked to provide your Samsung account;
  4. Even if by default, the Remote control should be on, In the Find My Mobile page, you must make sure Remote control is indeed turned on;
  5. It’s time to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6 with Samsung Find My Mobile, so visit this official site;
  6. Do not hesitate to sign in with your Samsung account;
  7. Once logging in, the registered devices will be listed. The registered devices are those with your Samsung account;
  8. You can see all of your devices with your Samsung account and then click any of them to make it active;
  9. Make sure your Galaxy S6 is included in the list;
  10. Also make sure the Connection and Remote controls are on;
  11. Scroll down and expand Unlock my device;
  12. Now you can unlock the smartphone by simply clicking Unlock my screen;
  13. You will receive this info on the screen: “The screen is unlocked. Setup screen lock on the device”.

In your handset, you will find a notification of Screen unlock via Find My Mobile, not to mention that Find My Mobile also resets the lock screen security to swipe. So, in these conditions, you have to set up a new screen lock and enjoy the changes! And the very same function can be used in Galaxy’s S6 Edge brother; here we have a guide on How to Easily Enable Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge Find My Mobile Management Service.

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  1. Haggy says:

    I tried it and never got the “The screen is unlocked. Setup screen lock on the device” message. Had I seen it, I wouldn’t have had a clue what it meant. Without it, I had no way of knowing that I needed to set up screen lock. Apparently they meant “The screen is unlocked. Set up screen lock on the device” and it has nothing to do with a setup screen. I would think a company as big as Samsung would hire somebody to proofread.

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