Enjoy Some Color to the Edges of your Axon 9 Pro Phone

There’s no nice way of saying it: the notch and hole-punch cutout are two of the worst current smartphone trends of the moment. And they are about to stay a little longer, as it seems. Your Axon 9 Pro clearly came with a notch along with a bezel at the bottom of the display. It also features vertically aligned dual, rear-facing cameras, just as iPhone X, but that notch… Oh boy, it shouldn’t have been there!

Do you have a hard time embracing it? Others say the same thing and handsets such as OnePlus 6 come with software features that allow users to control the notch in whatever way they want. It allows them to turn it off. If you go into display settings and decide to turn off the notch, you will see a regular black bar on the top of the display and forget that it was ever there.

There are also developers working on tools to hide the notch on every single device or tiny tricks such as the one I am about to tell you.

Borderlight from XDA Member dax105 could be your thing

I recently discovered a live wallpaper for the OnePlus 6 called Borderlight from XDA Junior Member dax105. A while ago it was exclusive to the OnePlus 6, but the developer has come back with an updated version due to popular demand. This one is compatible with plenty of other devices and I think that it would do an amazing job on your Axon 9 Pro phone too.

Borderlight lets you enjoy some color to the edges of your Axon 9 Pro. Yes, the wallpaper app lights up the borders of your display with a multicolor edge light. So, if you hate the notch, you could at least love the overall glowing look of your handset.

It can be adjusted to fit your device’s screen, so simply open the app and change the screen shape settings. You also get features such as Background image support or only show border when locked/unlocked. And you may even adjust the visibility of the background image on the lockscreen and home screen as or choose to desaturate the wallpaper to be able to see lockscreen text or home screen icons.

What do say about it? Would you try it out? Borderlight Live Wallpaper can be now taken into your Axon handset.

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